CedarMAX Insulated Siding System:


CedarMAX SidingCedarMAX offers energy efficiency, impact resistance, and outstanding strength. This product is not cheap, flimzy vinyl siding that is just slapped up on the side of your house, and we are not a fly by night company that installs it. This is a very durable, energy efficient exterior wall siding solution for your home and we are experts that have been in business successfully since 1970. You don't have to worry about it warping and fading. It is tough as nails just take a look as this car drives on it, it is easily withstanding the pressure. CedarMAX siding is manufactured by Heartland Building Products. We often work directly and very closely with Heartland to bring you the best for your home, and they agree that CedarMAX is one of their finest products.

Maximum Wind load Resistance

CedarMAX uses a revolutionary fold-over nailing hem that gives far superior tear resistance in high winds.

Other systems use a flat nailing hem that can make siding vulnerable in high winds.

Why is CedarMAX so strong and wind resistance?

Maximum Energy Savings and Impact Resistance CedarMAX insulated siding is super high impact resistant

Maximum Performance Through Advanced Technology CedarMAX Siding offers advanced protection against the elements

8 Designer Shades Available

CedarMAX Siding offers 8 designer shades

CedarMAX Siding

Revolutionary Exterior Home Protection and Exceptional Beauty CedarMAX™ Thermal Siding features an EP-Xtra™ Foundation of Protection, a laminated permanent backing which eliminates the hollow void between conventional vinyl siding and the exterior wall. With EP-Xtra™, CedarMAX™ provides a system R-value of 3.14 providing over three times the insulating value of vinyl siding alone, which translates to a savings of up to 20 percent on home energy bills. The strength and durability of this new exterior wall system provides over 300 percent greater impact resistance to cracks, breakage and hailstorms when compared to conventional vinyl siding. While providing added insulation and strength to the wall system, Heartland's CedarMAX™ is not a vapor barrier and will not trap harmful water vapor in the home which can contribute to mold growth. The EP-Xtra™ Foundation of Protection contains a non-toxic additive, called Perform Guard®, which repels wood-boring insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Perform Guard® is made from a naturally occurring mineral and is safe for use around the home. " This represents a revolution in vinyl siding and in home exterior cladding," said Steve Tybor, vice president of sales at Heartland. "This is a wall system that defines and characterizes a new, better-than-premium category for vinyl siding. Not only do homeowners get the added benefit of energy-saving insulation and strength, but they get an appearance and performance that is incomparable to other premium exterior wall systems."Heartland also incorporates its advanced vinyl technology in the actual CedarMAX™ veneer itself including the Multi-life Super Polymer Formulation for consistent, extended performance, an exclusive Weather Barrier Shield to protect against harsh weather conditions and Tri-Pigment Infra-Red Reflective Technology for long-lasting color and resistance to heat damage. The CedarMAX™ profile is a flat-faced, double 6-inch clapboard profile with a low-gloss cedar grain finish. The system has been tested to sustain a wind load of over 165 mph. Structural rigidity and stability of the wall system even in the most severe weather conditions are ensured by the Heartland design for CedarMAX™, which includes a High Tension Structural Return that keeps the nail hem flush with the panel, a double-ply wind load nailing hem, and Heartland's patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System that virtually deadlocks the panels snugly into place. Heartland Building Products, one of the world's leading producers of vinyl siding products, maintains a state-of-the-art vinyl production facility in Booneville, Miss., where the company has been manufacturing its Super Polymer vinyl siding, soffit and accessories since 1981. Heartland products are available through independent wholesale distributors throughout the U.S. for residential use. Heartland also manufactures and supplies vinyl building products for export internationally.